WRAL TechWire has been making weekly updates to keep content fresh and relevant in our exclusive Triangle Startup Guide.

Last week, we added some timely COVID-19 support/relief resources for local businesses that need a boost in the current economic environment. We added two other non-COVID related resources as well.

Here’s a brief summary, divided by category:

COVID-19 Updates

We added these two items to our list of COVID-related resources:

  • The North Carolina Biotechnology Center recently opened applications for its Flash Grant Cycle 2 program, which supports life science projects undergoing COVID-19 research. Up to $20,000 may be requested for short, highly focused projects in areas including SARS-CoV-2 gastrointestinal effects and SARS-CoV-2 detection via wastewater. Applications for the next round are due on November 11.
  • As North Carolina entered the next phase of reopening last week, we added some links to Phase 3 guidance from the state.

Funding Sources

We updated our list of grants and other funding sources to include the NC IDEA Foundation’s newest grant program.

Announced last week, the NC IDEA Black Entrepreneurship Council ECOSYSTEM Grant program provides funding (up to $50,000 per recipient) for 501(c)(3) and for-profit organizations that assist Black entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses.

Applications for the first round of grants are open now. Organizations have until November 2 at 5 p.m. to apply.

Other Resources

We also updated the ‘more resources’ section of the guide to include the latest 2020 report from Duke University’s Office of Licensing and Ventures, which showcases the impact of tech projects spinning out of the university ecosystem. The 2020 report was released last week.

If we missed a resource that you think we should add to the Triangle Startup Guide, please don’t hesitate to submit it for inclusion. You can email me directly, tweet me @shannoncuthrell or use this contact form.