MORRISVILLE — Myocardial Solutions is getting a new president.

The Morrisville-based heart health company has hired Peter Gaccione to fill the position effective April 13.  He will also serve as acting VP Sales and Marketing to drive focus and increase market penetration efforts.

Gaccione previously worked at precision radiation medical firm Elekta where he served as executive vice president of North & Central America.

Myocardial Solutions specializes in detecting cardiac dysfunction through their invention of MyoStrain, a 10-minute exam and MRI software that delivers a diagnostic report on heart function.

MyoStrain was developed by founder and Chief Technology Officer Nael Osman. He founded Myocardial Solutions in 2016 after developing MyoStrain’s technology as a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

“With evidence mounting that many oncology treatments cause cardiotoxicity, the field of cardio-oncology is emerging rapidly and needs new solutions to provide appropriate care,” the company said in its release. “Peter will lead MSI into the oncology arena and introduce MyoStrain’s ability to detect, monitor and manage cardiotoxicity to oncology patients and providers.”

Gaccione added: “Throughout my career, I have enjoyed working with the medical community to empower physicians to strive for better patient outcomes by utilizing innovative technologies. MyoStrain is a game-changer for oncology because it enables cardio-oncologists to protect the heart during and after cancer treatment. It is a critical tool for physicians to treat the cancer patient holistically without interfering with oncology care. I strongly believe MyoStrain has the potential to extend cancer patients’ longevity and quality of life. I’m excited to be here.”

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