Capitol Broadcasting Company and WRAL are to “Here to Help” our local businesses, and part of that effort is a weekly webinar. that is set for Thursdays. This week’s topic is “Going Virtual in a time of Social Distancing.”

Tune in at 2 p.m. every Thursday to get advice from industry experts and hear ideas from other local business owners.

This week’s program will be focused how local businesses are shifting their goods and services which are usually delivered in-person and transitioning them to be successful online.

Our panelists will be:

  • Jessica Mitsch: Owner of Momentum Learning and she has had to shift her entire business online
  • Dr. Steven King: Professor at UNC, he teaches classes on Virtual Reality and has now transitioned to teaching all of his VR classes IN virtual reality
  • John Hiester: Owner of Heister Automotive, the auto industry has really had to adjust with COVID and they have started doing some great things with their app
  • Em Sexton: Owner of The Flourish Market in downtown Raleigh and a change consultant, she has moved her entire business online and has been helping her coworking space with over 60 women adjust these changes.

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