RALEIGH – From opponent to supporter. So says the North Carolina Chamber about Gov. Roy Rooper’s stay-at-home order that he declared on Friday.

Gary J. Salamido, CEO of the NC business organization, had warned against the issuance of such an order, citing economic impact. But he issued a lengthy statement after Cooper’s announcement, saying the Chamber “supports this decision and is prepared to assist the business community in understanding how best to comply.”

Salamido expressed “trust and respect” for the order and said the organization had “worked hard to be thoughtful, reasoned and clear on behalf of the business community.”

“Our understanding of the order is that there is thoughtful, careful interpretation of the ‘essential business’ definition,” he added. “Reviewing the order provides the best insight as to whether your business is covered. Those deemed essential businesses will not need any extra credential or permit to comply with the statewide order.”

Salamido noted that the Chamber advocated for “uniformity” in the order.

Citing economic impact, NC Chamber warns governor against a ‘shelter in place’ order

“Many have expressed concerns regarding the confusion created by the patchwork of local orders, how to find them, and how to ensure compliance. Governor Cooper addressed local orders in his remarks [Friday] and made clear that in areas where there is also a local order in place, the more restrictive of the two will take precedent. In our effort to provide you with timely resources needed to assure compliance, we have created a library of all local orders here with context on the type of order, effective dates, definition of ‘essential,’ and enforcement measures.”

The full order can be read online.

Read Salamido’s full post online.