ST. LOUIS — Raleigh startup Mohu, which is best known for selling a variety of high-definition TV antennas and cord cutting products, has been acquired by Antennas Direct to form what is now being called “the largest antenna company in the United States.

St.Louis-based Antennas Direct said it will integrate Mohu’s market-leading indoor antennas alongside Cord Cutters’ favorite brand of outdoor antennas, ClearStream, to “capitalize on the explosive growth in the antenna category.”

“The efficiencies generated by this will allow Antennas Direct to invest millions in research furthering the category,” the firm said in its release.

Founded in 2011, Mohu is a consumer electronics manufacturer dedicated to leading the TV cord cutting revolution — the practice of cancelling TV or phone subscriptions to focus on web-based alternatives.

To help consumers identify which cord cutting options are best for them, Mohu created Untangle.TV, a cord cutting recommendation tool that shows users what they need to cut the cord.

“Mohu was launched with one central goal: to spread awareness of the choice that antennas give consumers and make cord cutting accessible to all,” said Mark Buff, founder and CEO of Mohu in a statement. “Antennas Direct will enhance the Mohu brand with the innovation, leadership and expertise that they are known for. We are excited that loyal Mohu users will continue to have support and access to our legacy products and now have access to even more products for their cord-cutting lifestyle.”

The number of consumers cutting the cord continues to increase year over year. A 2019 report from Nielsen states that it has grown 48 percent in eight years and others note that 34 percent of American households will reportedly have canceled cable by the end of 2019. Continued interest in ditching cable has pushed experts to estimate that by 2023, the combined number of cord-cutters and those that have never had cable will increase to 56.1 million across the U.S. To meet this demand, Antennas Direct and Mohu have created an array of antennas to assist their loyal customers in accessing high-definition TV, movies and sporting events without the high cost, low performance and lack of customer support known from cable television providers.

“There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth within the executive suites of this nation’s cable companies,” says Richard Schneider, CEO and founder of Antennas Direct, in a statement. “It’s clear that consumers are tired of overpaying for access to content that can be available for free. Cable companies have perennially dwelled on the bottom of consumer satisfaction indexes. Antennas Direct and Mohu have long been on the side of consumers’ efforts to get rid of cable. We look forward to welcoming even more liberated Americans to our cord-cutting family, continuing our legacy of putting billions of dollars back in their pockets.”