ROLESVILLE – Ting, a provider of fast gigabit Internet services via a fiber network, is expanding its service footprint in the Triangle by adding the town of Rolesville.

Ting already offers service in Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina and Wake Forest.

“Increasingly, we see that cities and municipalities are looking for better Internet options for their residents and businesses because the incumbents aren’t stepping up,” said Tucows CEO Elliot Noss. “Fiber is the technology that will power smart cities for the next hundred years.”

Tucows is the parent company of Ting.

Ting is now taking pre-orders for the service and charing a $9 fee which it says will be refunded in a customer’s first bill.

The pre-orders will help Ting prioritize the provision of services in neighborhoods or areas. Construction plans will be disclosed in coming months, Ting said.

The Triangle is covered by a variety of fast Internet service providers ranging from AT&T to Spectrum, Google Fiber, Ting, Frontier and CenturyLink.

Ting offerrs gigabit service at $89 a month for homes and $139 a month for businesses.