As Monday morning rolls in, we’re providing TechWire readers with a quick recap of the past week’s news headlines.

Dominating headlines last week was the latest report on North Carolina’s tech workforce, indicating that demand for software developers and systems engineers increased by a whopping 70% since March 2018. TechWire covered the story from multiple angles.

Other stories for April 15-21 included: A look inside Signature Bank’s new VC group, Hatteras Venture Partners is raising a $200 million biotech fund, and coverage of the East Coast Game Conference.

Here’s a look back at 77 local, state and national headlines as reported by WRAL TechWire last week.

MONDAY April 15 Headlines:

TUESDAY April 16 Headlines:

WEDNESDAY April 17 Headlines:

THURSDAY April 18 Headlines:

FRIDAY April 19 Headlines: