Apple introduced iOS 12 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose Monday, rolling out a host of new features for photos, messaging, augmented reality, Apple news, animojis, parental controls, and helping users limit the time they spend with their digital devices.

The company said its operating system update will help older Apple devices, including iPhone 6, work faster. It also made its devices more connected, taking several iPhone apps to the Mac and to the iPad.

New photo features built into iMessage with machine learning in iOS 12 will add automatic indexing of event photos, so they can be found easily. It will also suggest sharing photos with specific friends. It shares the photos using iMessage’s end-to-end encryption for privacy. Photo search has been improved and will search for objects, cars, dogs, flowers and will even make suggestions when you start typing in search.

One of the major new features uses augmented reality to measure real world objects and the ARKit will work in conjunction with Adobe’s Creative Cloud so users can make their own AR apps. Apple said it will “Open AR to hundreds of millions of users.” It also improves face tracking and provides more realistic rendering.

The attention-management feature is called Screen Time and provides detailed daily and weekly reports on how much time a user is spending on an iPhone or iPad and where they spend it. You can limit which apps send notifications and  have the device limit your use, although it allows instant override. New parental controls allow limiting app time use and which movies and sites a child may visit.

SIRI Shortcuts, Memojis, and Apple News upgrades

A Don Not Disturb feature turns off notifications at night, while Instant Tuning lets you turn off notifications.

A new Siri Shortcuts app which lets users create routines for the voice-helper feature. It also lets Siri suggest things based on your habits, such as ordering morning coffee.

The Apple News upgrade makes it easier for users to jump to favorite sources. The stocks app has been completely rebuilt and redesigned. Chart lines show a stock’s performance throughout the day and it now includes Apple News business stories. It also brings the stocks to iPad for the first time.

Group Facetime allows users to hold discussions with up to 32 participants and received one of the biggest hands from the developers in the audience. Voice memos allow users of both the iPhone and for the first time, the iPad, to record reminders.

Apple also introduced its Memoji feature, which allows you to customize emoji’s from a library or mapped from your face. It also added several new animoji’s, a ghost, a T-Rex, a koala, and a tiger.

New features for Apple Watch and Apple TV  were also introduced

Apple also introduced Mac Mojave, which gives the computer impressive new photo features, brings news and stocks to the device, and more.

A new Safari feature allows users to block cookie and ad tracking, making it tougher for web sites or companies to give your device an identifying fingerprint.