Editor’s note: Joan Siefert Rose is CEO of LaunchBio.

DURHAM – It’s a common story for entrepreneurs: The founder sees a problem and decides that there’s a business opportunity to fix it. Startups in healthcare often come from clinicians who want different tools and tech for patient care, or from specialists who develop the “perfect app”.

Getting a hospital or physicians’ practice to try these ideas, however, is often a big hurdle; so, too, can be persuading an insurance company to pay for the technology at a price that generates a profit. Kristine Seymour, a former executive at Humana who is now with Michael Best Strategies, will share the view from the payer and provider’s perspective at the June 7 Larger Than Life Science program at The Chesterfield in Durham.  She’ll be joined by a panel of entrepreneurs who will discuss their experiences getting a foot in the door at large healthcare systems.

Congrats, Grad!  And Now What?

In this season of high school and college graduations, we celebrate another rite of passage. As life sciences entrepreneurs prepare to leave accelerators and academic labs for their own private labs and offices, they face a range of choices and business decisions. The relocation specialists at Davis Moore will help demystify the process by sharing an up-to-the-minute analysis of the Raleigh-Durham-RTP market, and entrepreneurs who recently made the move will talk about what went well, and what they wish they’d known! Join us at Larger Than Life Science in Durham to get the full picture.

Don’t Be Like This Guy
It’s been another week on the hot seat for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, apologizing this time to European regulators for lax data security. Life sciences companies, too, need to meet stricter standards to protect data on patients, clinical trials, and any personal information that may be swiped. The June 7 Larger Than Life Science program features experts from the consulting firm CREO, Inc., to review the new standards, and recommend steps companies should take now to stay ahead of the hackers.

Like Bees to Honey
We love our community partners, and at the upcoming Larger Than Life Science program, we’ll be joined by Bee Downtown and Honeygirl Meadery. Both organizations are spreading the word about threats to the survival of honeybees and are enlisting the support of the public to build hives and make the world a safer place for pollinators. Check out the movement to build office hives around the Triangle, pick up a packet of wildflower seeds, and sample some mead, wines made with honey that some have called “the food of the Gods”.

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