Nobody likes passwords. Microsoft dislikes them so much, “We’ve been busy at work trying to create a world without them,” writes Karanbir Singh, principal program manager enterprise and security at Microsoft in a blog post.

Singh said Microsoft’s core philosophy is to devalue passwords and replace them with something that eradicates its use. Any replacement, he writes, should provide security so that a users credentials cannot be “cracked, breached or phished.

Some of its solutions include Windows Hello that combines with authentication methods such as fingerprints or the user’s face and multiple authentication via a pin on a mobile phone paired with the device. Microsoft says 47 million users and 5,000 businesses globally are using Windows Hello.

The Microsoft authenticator app lets users authenticate their Microsoft account via a mobile phone.

In his blog post, Singh offers video explanations of how those work and information about other methods of replacing passwords such as FIDO security keys.