CARY – Velctra Global, a provider of software for mechanical design, or computer assisted design (CAD), is looking to raise $500,000.

According to a securities filing earlier this week, Vectra has closed on $200,000.

The cash infusion came in the form of debt from one investor.

Manager Vinod Kettay signed the filing.

According to the firm’s website its team “is passionate about developing creative, sophisticated software solutions” that “dramatically improve:”

  • Quality
  • Productivity & Cost
  • Lead-time

Vectra says it develops “custom solutions” with a proprietary software that “automates the generation of engineering drawings from the 3D CAD models created by our clients.”

Vectra says its software:

  • Places the primary view and required projections on the drawing sheet(s)
  • Determines optimal scaling factor
  • Determines datum faces, datum holes as appropriate
  • Places O-Line symbols, linear and ordinate dimensions, surface finish symbols, radius values
  • No missing dimensions, no redundant dimensions, no wrong datums
  • Numbers the holes in a sequence that optimizes machining time and generates hole chart
  • Generates stock list, bill-of-material, title block information
  • Generates tooling unit layout