More than ever, smart homes means smart health, too.

Smart devices for use in tracking healthcare at home are surging in use according to a new report.

The percentage of residents in homes with broadband access utilizing connected health devices has soared to 41 percent this year, reports research firm Parks Associates.

That’s a 4 percent improvement from a year earlier. Usage has climbed each of the last four years, Parks says.

What’s driving demand?

“The connected home is an important component of the personal connected health market, supporting everything from consumer wellness and fitness, to chronic disease management and aging in place. And, novel applications of technologies like artificial intelligence and voice-activated devices are creating new opportunities and spurring innovation,” said Richard Scarfo, Vice President of PCHAlliance, in reviewing the report’s findings and trends.

The smart health home includes a growing variety of devices and apps.

“Consumerization of healthcare moves care services into the home, where people have connected devices and apps to aid with caretaking, disease management, sleep tracking, and more,” added Jennifer Kent, Director of Research Quality & Product Development at Parks Associates.

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