In an exclusive Q&A, Infosys President Ravi Kumar says the India tech giant remains “absolutely” committed to expansion in North Carolina despite management changes within the company.

He also explains in detail why Infosys picked Raleigh, as announced Tuesday, for a 2,000 job commitment. Infosys made the initial announcement in July.

Further, Kumar, who also is deputy chief operating officer for the company, also says Infosys will hire American workers.

The Q&A:

  • Is Infosys still committed to the Wake County project despite changes in management at the company?

Absolutely. Despite the leadership changes, the Infosys Management Team and Board of Directors are both deeply committed to our existing U.S. innovation strategy and making investments that help our clients tackle the challenges of the digital future.

We have reaffirmed our commitment to hiring 10,000 American workers over the next two years and opening at least four Technology and Innovation Hubs in the U.S. to better serve our clients in key industries here. This program is central to our strategy of bringing new skills and transformational technologies to help make our American customers more competitive.

We are focused on delivering on our previously announced investments of hiring 2,000 American workers in North Carolina, and look forward to expanding this program in other states as we do our part to boost American innovation—a longstanding goal of Infosys since we partnered with our first U.S. client three decades ago.

  • How was your role affected by the changes that have been made?

My role does not change – I continue to lead this important effort to deliver on our commitment for our clients and our people.

  • How does Infosys ensure that employees hired in the US meet federal employment guidelines such as immigration status?

Our company requires adherence to all laws, rules, and regulations everywhere we operate, and we take our compliance obligations seriously.

  • Will Infosys seek to use H-1B visas for any/all of the jobs to be created in NC?

No. Infosys has committed to hiring 2,000 American workers in the state by 2021.

The decision to hire 10,000 American workers over the next two years is a natural evolution of how we work in the United States, allowing Infosys to remain close to our clients while also enhancing our ability to attract and recruit local, top talent throughout the country to better serve our clients.

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