If there’s one thing we’ve realized from a year of planning SalesJam events, it’s that sales is entwined in pretty much every job function.

We had that in mind as we selected speakers for our fourth iteration of the half-day sales training event, coming next Friday to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Among lighting talks covering the sales pipeline and a trio of sales workshops, we’ve got a handful of speakers exploring the connections between marketing, customer success and sales. We hope the event inspires attendees to think more holistically the role of sales in their organization.

To get an idea of the caliber of speakers at the event, we’ve got a quick rundown of the lineup. Tickets are still available, so please join us.

MORNING KEYNOTE: Todd Barr, Sr. Director of Digital Demand Generation at Red Hat

Todd is a mainstay of the Triangle startup community, serving as vice president of marketing at Bandwidth before he headed up sales and marketing at Ansible. When the Durham startup was acquired by Red Hat in 2015, Todd became general manager. He now heads up digital demand generation for Red Hat, overseeing the $3 billion open source software company’s digital marketing efforts globally.

LUNCH KEYNOTE: Brad Brinegar, CEO of McKinney

Over 15 years at the global branding agency based in downtown Durham, Brad has worked with global brands like Coca-Cola, Audi, ESPN and NASDAQ. He also led a management buy back in 2008, turning McKinney back into an entrepreneurial venture until it was sold again in 2012 to Cheil Worldwide. McKinney has played a leading role in branding and marketing major organizations to ultimately boost their sales.

FOUNDERS PANELIST: Sue Harnett, Co-founder and President of Rewriting the Code

Sue is an entrepreneur at heart and passionate about guiding other women into entrepreneurial careers. She founded Replay Photos in 2003 and sold it to e-book self publishing platform Lulu in 2014. After some work mentoring and consulting with local startups, she helped co-found Rewriting the Code, a national nonprofit based in Durham matching college women with internships and resources to build careers in technology.

FOUNDERS PANELIST: Justin Winter, Co-founder and CEO of Boostopia

Justin served on the founding team of Diamond Candles, an Internet Retailer Hot 100 Brand that hit $1 million in sales in its first 12 months w/no funding. As he works to launch Boostopia, a startup that helps B2C companies improve their customer service and experience, he also advises more than 10 other startups.

FOUNDERS PANELIST: Ashlyn Sanders, CEO and Co-founder of NeuroVICE

A soon-to-be medical student, Ashlyn found herself an entrepreneur when she sought a solution for a medical problem she faced after being diagnosed with a rare and incurable brain condition. Ashlyn invented a sensor enabled oral device that prevents oral trauma and drooling during seizures and other neurologic episodes. She’s spent the last year developing the product and pitching her company in hopes of licensing or selling the technology.

FOUNDERS PANEL MODERATOR: Jeff Lindsey, Principal and Co-founder of Marlow Consulting Group

Jeff’s background in software engineering for startups means he’s worked with sales and marketing leaders and executives at a variety of companies. He’s handled technical sales, product and project management, technology evaluation and more, all of which he’s using as a principal of Marlow Consulting.

LIGHTNING TALK ON SALES + MARKETING + CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Alix Bowman, Director of Customer Experience at ArchiveSocial

The civic tech startup’s former director of marketing and current head of customer experience, Alix knows how critical a company’s leadership must work together to grow sales. Alix believes that customer advocacy is the key to driving bottom line results and will share those insights in this fun session alongside the company’s director of sales (below). As a side note, Alix has some cool entrepreneurial experiences to bear, like raising $250,000 in a Kickstarter campaign and winning an Eileen Fisher Business Grant for her goat-based land management company.

LIGHTNING TALK ON SALES + MARKETING + CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Isaac Kikuchi, Director of Sales at ArchiveSocial

Isaac leads the sales efforts at ArchiveSocial, deemed a GovTech100 firm in 2016 with more than 1,000 government customers. Career highlights include working with President Obama’s digital team to archive social media records during the president’s two terms of office and signing the Department of Justice as a customer. Prior to his role at ArchiveSocial, he worked in sales on the Sharefile team at Citrix, working his way up from cold-calling to managing sales teams.

SALES PIPELINE SPEAKER: Larry Long, Director of Business Development at Pendo

Prospecting is Larry’s specialty and he’s made himself an expert in the practice through work at tech companies like Accenture, Intuit, Sageworks, ChannelAdvisor and now Pendo, which is growing fast with nearly $60 million in venture capital funding from Silicon Valley investors. Larry is a co-organizer of the Triangle SaaS Sales Grind meetup and he’s an entrepreneur too, running his own indoor baseball and softball academy.

SALES PIPELINE SPEAKER: Jessica Hoskin, Regional Sales Manager at Mati Energy

Jessica was employee number three at Mati Energy, the healthy tea-based energy drink company that started in a Duke dorm room in 2012. She was Mati’s first salesperson, helping it land national retail customers as a sort of “David” in the notable bible story. Jessica prides herself on never taking no for an answer. She’ll talk about overcoming road blocks to advance deals to the finish line.

SALES PIPELINE SPEAKER: Brandon Walker, VP of Sales at Untappd

Brandon wowed our team during an unexpected talk at SalesJam 3.0 in Wilmington. When his boss had to take an important investor call in the middle of his planned talk, Brandon stepped in to share how he built an inside sales team of 50 people (from four) in a single year. He now leads a team that counts more than 9,000 customers across the U.S. Untappd says it’s the world’s largest beer app with more than 6.5 million users. Brandon will talk closing deals in his lightning talk.

WORKSHOP SPEAKER: Andy Roth, Co-founder and Head of Customer Success at RocketBolt

Look out for a fun workshop by Andy, a professional actor turned lawyer turned entrepreneur. Andy is a co-founder of RocketBolt, which provides lead tracking software to salespeople. He’ll lead an entertaining and helpful workshop on how to get traction for a new company or product, with particular focus on how to land your first 10 to 20 customers.

WORKSHOP SPEAKER: Eric Boggs, Founder and CEO of RevBoss

Effective sales messaging has been key to educating customers of RevBoss about the potential of its software. Eric brings years of experience in sales at Bronto and founding Argyle Social and RevBoss in Durham. He’ll take key lessons learned during his startup journey to help attendees craft sales messages at a variety of stages of sales: from pitching to qualifying to closing to reviving prospects that have gone cold.

WORKSHOP SPEAKER: Vince Beese, Founder and Principal of Sales@Scale

Vince has worked nearly two decades in sales roles at technology companies, holding high profile titles like CRO at True Fit, which tripled revenue and raised $25 million during his tenure, and senior vice president of sales at CheetahMail. He also worked on the leadership team that took LivePerson public in 2000.

Now, he’s leading sales and revenue consultancy Sales@Scale, where he works with local companies like Windsor Circle, Validic and Adwerx, and running the sales meetup Triangle REVenue Exchange. His workshop, called Sales Improv, is going to be super fun and engaging, with interactive challenges attendees will act out for prizes.