Wireless phone and data from Charter Communications?

Could be.

A new choice for wireless service may soon be coming your way via a cable company thanks to a partnership being fashioned between Charter Communications – a provider of cable services across much of North Carolina, including the Triangle – and Comcast.

The companies confirmed Monday that they will work together as they prepare to offer cellphone wireless plans to customers.

The companies said that while they’ll offer wireless services separately to customers, behind the scenes they’ll work together on things like customer billing and managing the platform customers use to order devices. The cable and internet providers said the agreement will save money and help them compete with national wireless providers.

Rivals AT&T Inc. and Verizon already offer wireless plans, as well cable and internet service.

Comcast expects to launch its Xfinity Mobile service in the next several weeks. Charter, based in Stamford, Connecticut, expects to introduce its unnamed service next year. Both wireless services will work on the Verizon Wireless network.

Various media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, reported the deal was in the works earlier..

“As part of the deal, Comcast and Charter have agreed not to make a material merger or acquisition in wireless without the other’s consent for one year,” the WSJ reported, citing a source.

Charter recently rebranded its cable service as Spectrum.

The two companies are the largest cable providers in the U.S.

Both firms already have an agreement to resell Verizon services, Bloomberg notes.

“Now, they want to use their combined size to negotiate better contracts for reselling wireless data and phones and take advantage of emerging wireless technologies like 5G,” Bloomberg added.

“The cable partnership could lead to more innovative products, since engineers at both companies will work closely together, and potentially lower prices for customers by gaining negotiating leverage with Verizon or another wireless operator.”

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