Turmoil within the ranks of IBM’s existing work force continues as reports of “resource actions” (i.e. layoffs) continue to surface. And a reading of the “Watch IBM” Facebook’s page shows clearly that worries continue.

“IBM old guard dropping like flies in POWER and cloud restructure,” reads the headline today in the U.K. tech news site The Register.

“IBM software veteran Robert LeBlanc [a 40-year-plus IBM vet and one of Big Blue’s top pioneers over the past four decades] is stepping down after just two years heading the firm’s growing cloud business,” The Register reports.

IBM said the transition was planned However, some IBMers are very upset about turmoil and layoffs that continue as IBM tries to adjust to an ever-changing tech landscape.

“It was announced in the internal cloud division kickoff this morning that there will be a reorganization on Jan 30. I would bet on that for a date for more RA’s to happen, especially since the 4Q earnings were of very poor (financially engineered) quality and hence the stock has been tanking after-hours,” writes an IBMer at the Facebook site, which focuses on IBM labor issues.

Bloomberg brought international news media attention to the layoffs vs. hiring pledge with a report that says Big Blue continues jobs.

And some IBMers are very angry.

“Ginni Rometty is terminating thousands of IT workers and touting herself as some hero who’s out to hire 25,000 workers,” Sara Blackwell, a lawyer and advocate for Protect U.S. Workers, who represents about 100 IBM ex-employees who have filed discrimination and other complaints, told Bloomberg. “To me, that’s hypocritical.”

That report follows IBM’s recent earnings report in which the tech giant, which employs thousands of people in RTP and across North Carolina, said revenues declined for the 19th consecutive quarter.

Bloomberg points out, as has WRAL TechWire, that Blue Blue carried out at least three rounds of job cuts in 2016.

Company spokesman Doug Shelton told Bloomberg that IBM remains committed to hiring 25,000.

“If we are able to fill these positions, we expect IBM U.S. employment to be up over that period,” Shelton said.

Several media sites questioned IBM’s intentions and the current layoffs.

“‘Rebalancing’ will make IBM great again. America? That’s someone else’s problem,'” noted the U.K.’s Register website.

Richard Chirgwin wrote:”IBM’s post-election promise to President Donald Trump to bring jobs home appears not to have been entirely accurate, as the company is making redundancies at home and stands accused of shipping jobs to Asia and Europe.”

“Why Won’t IBM CEO Rometty Say How Many Americans She Has Fired?”

So reads the headline in 24/7 Wall Street.

Douglas A. McIntyre wrote: “It’s a simple question, presumably with a simple answer. How many of its American employees has International Business Machines Corp. fired in the past year? Or two? Or five? As criticism of IBM’s labor practices has mounted, CEO Ginni Rometty has decided not to give an answer.”

IBM does not disclose layoffs and also stopped reported employment numbers by country several years ago.