2016 was a year of growth and expansion for HQ Raleigh. And more growth is coming in 2017, the HQ team says in a blog post. Plus: HQ published an infographic about its recent accomplishments, which is posted with this story.

HQ’s management took “an opportunity to reflect on our progress and look ahead at all the exciting things to come. For as the musician Bill Laswell said, “if you look at exactly where you are, you can’t really focus without looking back and forward at the same time.”

“2016 was a year of phenomenal growth both for our community and of our collective impact,” HQ adds.

“This past year our community grew to three cities across North Carolina (Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte). We now have over 300 companies in our network, several hundred members, and a growing number of incredibly valuable (and valued) partners and sponsors.  From this foundation, we have a unique opportunity to support even more ventures that are making our economy and our neighborhoods stronger.”

HQ noted recent expansion and upgrades in Raleigh plus plans for additional space.

“[W]e have recently completed a beautiful renovation of an additional 5,000 square foot space in the warehouse district (310 S. Harrington), leased the top five floors of the Capital Club including an iconic 1930s ballroom on the12th floor, and plan on building a 23,000 sq. foot expansion to our existing space,” management explained.

“By this time next year, we will have tripled our physical size, grown our programming, launched a new events business, and scaled the number of high growth enterprises we can support – all of which offers the opportunity for exponential impact potential.”