Be persistent. Be honest. Be adaptable. Be helpful. Be passionate.

In a world where salespeople often seem pushy, over-the-top and disingenuous, these were the lessons I took away from SalesJam, a first-time event we held last August in partnership with sales management software maker RevBoss.

I walked away feeling inspired, and more importantly, excited to be involved in an event reminding people why sales is so critical to business and training them to be even better at their jobs.

Based on feedback from the 100 or so people in the audience that day, the event filled a needed gap in the community. So we quickly got to work planning a version two that included the best of version one—an upbeat atmosphere, high quality speakers and tactical advice that could be implemented immediately—with some improvements—more female speakers, interactive workshops, a central location and date earlier in the month.

For version 2.0, we’ll cover the sales pipeline, with sessions on prospecting, recruiting and training, advancing and closing and customer success. There’s a panel for company founders/entrepreneurs, and a keynote address by Cindy Whitehead, who famously sold the FDA on approving the first female libido-enhancing drug and then sold her company Sprout Pharmaceuticals for $1 billion.

There will be two tracks, so attendees can choose the sessions they want to attend. All sessions will be filmed for reference later.

We’re excited about what we’ve come up with and who is rallying around SalesJam. And we hope this event can become a fixture on the calendar of startup founders, salespeople and small business owners across the Triangle and eventually around the state.

Hope you can join us next month at RTP Headquarters. Tickets are $49 plus tax, including breakfast. Buy them here.

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