Despite a slowing down in startup funding overall, high momentum companies are able to raise money in the private markets and there are more companies poised for IPOs next year than 2016, according to the latest CB Insights Tech IPO pipeline for 2017.

The reportnames 369 companies ready to launch IPOs, but notes that not all, or few may actually do so. Many, it notes, just crossed the $100 million valuation threshold, while others may tap “creative” sources of capital in the private sector, while others may never see a liquidity event.

It notes there was not a flurry of tech IPOs in 2016, but as companies continue to mature they fasce increasing calls by investors to go public and the slowing down of deep pocketed investors such as mutual funds and hedge funds financing late stage startups is increasing the drumbeat for a busier 2017.

Other findings from the report include:

  • Tech IPO Pipeline companies have raised on average $262 million to date in 2016, which is a jump from $182M last year, showing how companies have been able to finance themselves handsomely in the private markets in recent years.
  • In aggregate, the pipeline companies have raised $86.2B in equity financing to date.
  • Andreessen Horowitz, founded in 2009, counts the most Tech IPO Pipeline companies in its portfolio as well as the highest number of Tech IPO Pipeline companies valued at $1B+.
  • If combining the investments of both GV and Capital G, Google would actually rank atop the investors in billion-dollar pipeline companies. GV was also founded in 2009.
  • 56% of tech IPO pipeline companies are in California
  • Our top 5 IPO prospects for next year are Qualtrics, Zuora, Blue Apron, Okta, and Pluralsight. There were only 14 tech IPOs year-to-date in 2016, a number the data indicates will go up in 2017.
  • Internet companies are the sector leader in the tech IPO pipeline with 269 companies.
  • Mobile & communications companies poised for IPOs number 39, software 33, and computer and hardware servies, 17.
  • Among Internet sub-industries, business intelligence, analytics, and performance management firms lead the list at 24.
  • Monitoring and security follows at 18.
  • North Carolina and the Triangle do not rate a separate listing in the geographical breakdown. California leads with 207 companies on the list, followed by New York at 21. Virginia has 6, Georgia 5, and Florida 4.