Joan Siefert Rose is about to become a consultant, ending her eight-year tenure as CEO of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development. So what advice would she giver her successor?

Here’s how The Skinny posed the question: “If you were to pen a short memo to your successor, what might it say?”

And she replied:

“You are going to have a great time! Make sure to listen, and keep an open mind — you never know which idea is going to be the one that catches fire. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new every day, and give credit and recognition to everyone who has helped make our region a great place to start and grow a business. And think about joining a fantasy football league. It will be a surefire conversation starter.”

In the second part of our Q&A, Rose talks about other parts of her tenure, from successes to things not accomplished.

  • What do you see as the future for the CED and its importance to the Triangle/NC entrepreneurial community?

When I talk with colleagues in other parts of the country, they almost invariably say, “I wish we had an organization like CED.” For more than 40 years, CED has helped connect the support network for entrepreneurs, provided a showcase for companies, and reached out to investors.

Increasingly, we have helped integrate new organizations and people into the mix. If CED didn’t exist, the region would be working hard to invent it – which is what is happening in many other parts of the country. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of having such a big head start.

  • Is there a goal you had set for yourself at CED to achieve that you are most proud of?

I wanted to be of service and leave the organization in stronger shape than I found it.

  • Conversely, what were you not able to accomplish that is your biggest regret?

Perhaps leaving before I was able to check everything off my list, but that’s not realistic. I’ve been carrying the baton for 8 years, and now it’s time to hand it off to someone new, who will bring new energy and focus.

  • You grew CED in terms of size, funding and scope of operations. Is CED at its core still committed to its charter?

Absolutely! We dedicate ourselves to putting entrepreneurs first. It’s not always easy, but it’s the only way to achieve lasting impact in an authentic way. 

Note: Part one was published on Monday.