Raleigh startup Reveal Mobile’s wireless beacon technology for location-based audience data is being incorporated into the data platform offered by mParticle, a leader in mobile commerce and multi-screen marketing and data management.

mParticle customers include Google, Oracle and Amazon.

It’s the latest deal for Reveal, which earlier this month closed on $1.2 million in new funding.

The company’s platform includes marketing, analytics, and data-warehousing solutions with the aim of trcking “consumer behaviors and marketing opportunities particular to native apps and connected devices, as well as conventional web and offline interactions.”

Reveal Mobile’s technology works through Bluetooth beacons.

“By using proximity data brands see increased customer engagement, more sales and stronger brand loyalty,” mParticle noted.

“With this integration, mParticle customers have instant access to beacon detection capabilities and location based audience data with minimal effort and no additional SDKs [software development kits]. Brands with brick-and-mortar locations can now have the same personalization and targeting advantages they already have online by using location data to geo-target specific audiences and send proximity based push alerts.

“With Reveal and mParticle you can link your online and offline attribution data in a single platform to answer questions like ‘Are coupons driving customers to the physical stores?'”

Financial terms were not disclosed.

“We’re in good company. Most importantly, we’re excited to unlock valuable beacon driven experiences and location based mobile audiences for mParticle’s well-known and well respected customers,” said Reveal CEO Brian Handly.

Reveal pointed out that mParticle customers “can now implement Reveal Mobile’s agnostic beacon detection in their mobile apps. This significantly reduces engineering and development overhead, and speeds time to market. One step instantly enables the benefits of beacons, including geotargeting audiences and proximity based push alerts.”