Lenovo, the world’s top PC manufacturer, could be growing a bit bigger by adding Japan-based Fujitsu’s computer business.

The talks come as Lenovo faces increasing competition in sales, especially from rival HP which nearly surpassed Lenovo in sales in the third quarter of this year. PC sales continue to shrink globally.

A deal would add a boost to Lenovo’s global market share, boosting it to more than 23 percent since Fujitsu has some 2.1 percent of the market, based on statistics from research firm IDC.

Lenovo, which operates one of its two global headquarters in Morrisville, shipped 14.5 million machines in the quarter, down 3.2 percent year-over-year.

Its market share, however, increased slightly to 21.3 percent from 21.2 percent as other computer sellers experienced bigger losses in a continuing decline of PC sales.

The two tech firms confirmed early Friday in a joint statement that talks were underway about “exploring a strategic cooperation in the realm of research, development, design and manufacturing of personal computers for the global market.”

Media outlets in Japan first reported two weeks ago that Fujitsu might sell its PC group to Lenovo.

“Details of the cooperation are currently under discussion,” the companies said.

However, an outright sale apparently is not the end game in the talks.

In releasing Fujitsu’s latest earnings report, company President Tatsua Tanaka said the deal “is aimed at strengthening our brand and business.”

“Scale is key to cost reduction, especially when operating globally,” he said, according to Reuters.

Lenovo, which became a global company by acquiring IBM’s PC division in 2005, entered into a partnership with Japan-based NEC in 2011 and later acquired virtually all shares in that operation.

Fujitsu did say that formed FCCL, “a newly established wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu,” to house its PC business in February.

“Since then, Fujitsu has been considering various options to ensure the future growth of its PC business. Lenovo, already the world’s largest PC supplier, is continuously seeking opportunities to further grow its core business in the global market,” the joint statement said.

“Through the cooperation, the two companies aim to create a successful model that leverages Fujitsu’s global sales, customer support, R&D and manufacturing capabilities together with Lenovo’s operational excellence to improve competitiveness in the dynamic global PC market.”

Lenovo and Fujitsu also are “in talks with Development Bank of Japan for the bank to provide financial and strategic support.”