Here in the Triangle, we know Dan Ariely for his bestselling books on behavioral science, classes and research at Duke University and appearances on WUNC’s The State of Things and most recently, at last week’s CED Tech Venture Conference. 
But he’s becoming more known globally for applying his research to startups that change consumer behavior and do good in the world. Lemonade, the New York-based insurance company just launched out of stealth mode, is the latest of these. Ariely joined the startup as chief behavioral officer in February.
His mission—to eliminate fraud in the property insurance industry and make it easier for people to give to charities of their choice.
When I met Ariely late last year, he shared with me his biggest learning from his work on Timeful and why he’s become so passionate about building and helping startups. 
“I learned how big the gap is between academic knowledge and application,” he said. “It used to be that I would finish a paper and think, someone can read this paper and implement this, but the place between paper and someone actually using it is big.”