So why is Bob Geolas leaving as CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation just as it really begins to implement a massive, multi-billion-dollar, multi-year strategic plan that he helped create?

He’s still not saying.

In response to one of several inquiries from WRAL TechWire, Geolas on Friday morning declined to discuss what happened – just as he had when WTW broke the news Wednesday. In two interviews, RT Foundation Chair Smedes York also has declined to discuss what happened.

“Talk to Bob,” he said.

“You say there are a number of questions you have about what happened and I understand your curiosity, but you can understand that right now all I can say is what I have already said to you and David,” Geolas wrote in an email. He was referring to David Ranii, veteran business reporter for The News and Observer, who published a story about Geolas’ pending departure on Thursday.

Geolas reiterated as he did on Wednesday his love for the Triangle and the passion for his job.

“I have been doing this work for thirty years, five at RTP. Five years as CEO is a good stretch and I did what I wanted to do, which is position the Park for the next fifty years,” Geolas wrote.

“They are ready for the implementation and I am cheering them on!”

Just when Geolas will step down is not certain. Geolas also said he is seeking other opportunities.

“I am planning to stay on for some time to help with transition,” he noted, “and will be announcing my next move soon.”

WTW reported earlier Friday that York said the RT Foundation executive committee would meet next week to discuss what to do next.