The $17 billion merger between Quintiles and IMS Health means more than a new title and responsibilities for Quintiles CEO Tom Pike. One of Quntiles’ top executives will leave along with two board members if the deal wins regulatory approval.

In an SEC filing early Monday, Quintiles and IMS disclosed that Quintiles Chief Operation Officer Kevin Gordon is “expected to resign” as the merger is completed.

Gordon was promoted to that job just a year ago. He joined Quintiles as its CFO in 2010 and was a key player in Quintiles’ return to public markets through an IPO in 2013. (See bio below)

IMS will hold a slight 51 percent majority of shares when the deal is completed.

Two Quintiles board members will leave as the new IMS-Quintiles venture emerges with 12 board members.

“In connection therewith, at the Effective Time, Annie H. Lo and Leonard D. Schaeffer will resign from the Quintiles board of directors,” the filing reads.

Pike and Quintiles founder Dennis Gillings will get two of the six Quintiles board seats.

The other four go to John Connaughton, Jack Greenberg, Michael Evanisko and John Leonard.

The six IMS board sets go to Chair and CEO Ari Bousbib (who also will run the combined company) as well as Jonathan Coslet, John Danhakl, James Fasano, Ronald Rittenmeyer and Todd Sisitsky.

Kevin Gordon bio

Source: Quintiles

Kevin Gordon joined Quintiles in 2010 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), bringing more than 25 years of experience to the company. He later expanded his role, to serve as Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer. In October 2015, Kevin was named Quintiles’ Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Kevin has implemented strategies that have resulted in improved reporting processes and contributed significant financial benefits. He also has led the organization in driving process improvements which resulted in gains for shareholders and employees. Kevin recapitalized the company debt, providing overall lower cost structure, and led Quintiles’ initial public offering in 2013.

Prior to Quintiles, Kevin was CFO at Teleflex Incorporated, a global, publicly traded company with $2 billion in revenues and a large presence in the healthcare markets. He also held senior finance positions at KPMG. Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Connecticut.