In today’s roundup of technology news: keysniffer can snatch your password; Google retools Google Maps, Twitter advertising troubles.

Keysniffer attack dangerous if they’re close

Cybersecurity firm Bastile says hackers can grab your passwords and other info you type on a keyboard if they are within 250 feet of you when you’re typing. That’s nearly three-fouths the distance of a football field. Keyboards affected include those made by Toshiba; HP, and GE.

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Google Maps get a new look

Google Maps cleaned up its appearance Monday and now she’s ready to go to the prom – or wherever you’re going.

Google improved the typography on names, interest spots, and transit stations so they stand out better. It removed unnecessary elements. Updates are available in both Android and iOS. For more see:

Twitter troubles

Twitter forecast sales of $590 million to $610 million for the third-quarter, below analyst estimates of $678.2 million.

Twitter said in a letter to shareholders that it is priced at a premium cost per engagement relevant to the increased competition in the social marketing space.

Shares plummeted more than 11 percent in after hours trading following the announcement.

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