In today’s Bulldog wrapup of technology news:

  • Yahoo’s CEO remains optimistic
  • Google updates Android with Nougat
  • Samsung unlocks a new phone
  • Windows 10 update is still free

The details:

  • Yahoo CEO paints bright picture with potential sale looming

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer tried to hit all the upbeat notes during an annual shareholders meeting as the company considers selling its slumping internet operations.

The 45-minute gathering Thursday was a routine affair that provided no insight into whether Yahoo’s board is leaning toward a sale after four months of wrangling, or will entrust the beleaguered Mayer to engineer a long-promised turnaround.

Mayer told the small turnout of shareholders that Yahoo “is making great progress on our process” without specifying when a decision might be made. Most analysts expect Yahoo to make a choice this summer.

If Yahoo sells, Mayer will probably lose her job after four years as CEO and walk away with a $55 million severance package. Activist shareholder Starboard Value had threatened to lead a mutiny aimed at ousting Mayer until Yahoo agreed two months ago to give the fund four seats on its 11-member board.

Mayer, 41, defended her efforts to broaden Yahoo’s audience and sell more advertising by focusing more on mobile apps and adding hundreds of other features to its array of digital services during her nearly four-year tenure.

“We are proud of our achievements overall in our products,” she said.

  • Google serves a ‘Nougat’ to fans of its Android software

Google is serving a new morsel for fans of its Android software: The next version has been dubbed “Nougat,” extending Google’s tradition of nicknaming each overhaul of Android after a sweet food.

The Nougat name announced Thursday comes seven weeks after Google sought suggestions during its annual conference for software engineers.

Nougat is scheduled to be released in new smartphones this fall when the makers of existing Android devices will also be able to enable updates to the new software. Nougat’s new features will include the ability to run apps without actually installing them on a device.

The nicknames for earlier Android versions have included Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread.

Google commemorates the different Android nicknames with statues near its Mountain View, California, headquarters.

  • Samsung sells Galaxy S7 phones that aren’t tied to carrier

Samsung will sell unlocked versions of its flagship Galaxy S7 phones in the U.S. so consumers can switch carriers more easily.

Although two-year service contracts are now rare, consumers are instead stuck with two-year installment plans and cannot take a phone to a rival until it’s paid off.

Unlocked phones have no such restrictions. They are also free of carrier-specific apps for messaging, video and other tasks, though Samsung still adds several beyond the standard version of Android from Google.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 will sell for $670, and a model with a curved side screen called Edge will go for $770. The prices are cheaper than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, though more expensive than Sprint. You pay the phone’s full price rather than monthly installments.

  • Get Windows 10 while it’s still free

​What are you waiting for? There are few reasons left to resist Microsoft’s Windows 10 update, especially while it’s still free.

Wait another month, and it will cost you $120 .

Since Windows 10 came out nearly a year ago, some users have complained that they got the upgrade without meaning to.

But why hold out? Windows 10 is better than either of its predecessors, Windows 7 and 8. Even if you disagree after upgrading, you have a month to go back . Think of it as a free trial.