North Carolina’s General Assembly is on the verge of sending a crowdfunding bill to Gov. Pat McCrory.

The House passed the bill Monday night by a unanimous vote, 114-0.

However, there’s still a bit of cleaning up to do before a finished bill gets sent to the governor, who has said he wants crowdfunding passed.

After clearing the Senate last week, the House tacked on a “Part III,” which has to do with utility rights-of-way. So the Senate must review and say yea/nay.

But as investor and crowdfunding advocate Mark Easley describes it:

“Down to the 2 yard line!”

The “Providing Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs and Small Business or PACES Act” has moved forward quickly once supporters broke it away from a lager economic development package two weeks ago.

(See the links with this post that recap the crowdfunding bill’s advance.)

Bitcoin bill

Meanwhile, a bill containing crypto currency/bitcoin/virtual currency regulation also is moving forward.

“The BitCoin bill (H 289) passed the state Senate 45-3 Monday night,”’s Mark Binker reports. “It is now headed to the governor for his signature.” 

There are some concerns, however, that the legislation does “mess with the uniform commercial code,” Binker says.

It’s titled the N.C. Money Transmitters Act and notes the following:

“Virtual currency. – A digital representation of value that can be digitally 46 traded and functions as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, or a store 47 of value but only to the extent defined as stored value under 48 G.S. 53-208.42(19), but does not have legal tender status as recognized by 49 the United States Government.”

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