As Mira’s Jonathan Frangakis makes his pitch to investors at Google Demo Day in Silicon Valley, the team at The Startup Factory will be attentive fans. The 2014 TSF investment “can be a very large win,” says the Factory’s Dave Neal.

WTW caught up with Neal, who is TSF’s Managing Director, to talk about Mira, which uses proprietary crowd analytics tools to help merchants drive more business.

  • What did TSF like best about the Mira concept before picking it for investment?

The Mira idea is a very big play that addresses a known problem. It can be a very large win for Mira and everyone who is involved.

  • What impressed TSF about Jon Frangakis?

He is disciplined, hard-working and persistent. He is a great presenter and serves as a great public face for Mira.

  • Adam Klein of The American Underground says Jon can really “bring it” in making a pitch. Are those skills something he honed at TSF? What makes him a good presenter?

He started out with good communication skills.

TSF did provide Jon with a lot of structured practice to hone his skills.

Jon also has a a confident, powerful presence that is very useful as a presenter.