Each year young, driven entrepreneurial students compete in the NC State Lulu eGames. Held each spring, the event serves as an opportunity for students considering entrepreneurship to test the viability of their innovative ideas in a competition format. 

The eGames had five categories this year, including the typical New Venture, Design and Prototype and Arts Feasibility Study, as well as two new additions, The Daugherty Endowment and B Corp Champions. 
With the competition as close as ever this year, I wanted to highlight a few of the winners and ambitious startup ideas ready to make a difference in the world. 


One of the competition’s biggest winners was the team of two engineers behind Trakex. The team won first place and the Judges’ Choice award in the New Venture Challenge as well as second in the Design and Prototype Challenge. 
Seniors Moaad Benkaraache, an industrial and systems engineering major, and Tayyab Hussain, who’s studying chemical engineering, have developed technology that measures the dimensions and weight of cargo as it is loaded onto trailers. With the use of 3D sensor technology, the team wants to be able to measure the cargo that is loaded into trucks, thus helping to optimize available space and profit margins. 
In an NC State sustainability articleBenkaraache said that almost 25 percent of trucks on the highway are empty and an additional 36 percent are underutilized. If Trakex can help decrease that wasted trailer space by just half, they estimate they can decrease emissions by 100 million tons each year.
Benkaraache first learned of the major problems and lack of efficiency in the shipping industry from his father’s experiences as a truck driver.