Is resistance futile against 6fusion’s “cube”? Some investors seem to think so.

When businesses think “cloud” computing, more of them now are also thinking about the “cube.”

Not the Borg cube. But the “Workforce Allocation Cube” as created by Raleigh startup 6fusion.

And the cloud team has $6.6 million in new capital to fund more growth.

​In a securities filing Thursday, 6fusion disclosed raising $6,556,982 in equity.

Backers of 6fusion, which has focused from its launch in 2013 on making the cloud operate as a utility, included Durham-based Intersouth.

In all, 39 investors backed 6fusion’s new round. The latest raise comes just eight months after 6fusion raised nearly $11 million last July.

And the company obviously has more plans to grow. The new funding isn’t intended to last more than a year, according to the filing.

Here’s how 6fusion defines its mission – and cube:

“In a cloud-enabled world, IT is no different than any other Utility.

“What matters to Buyers, Sellers and Managers of IT services is the Total Cost of Consumption (or TCC) of your application or service — just like any other Utility. But without a universally recognized, standard economic unit of measure for IT, Cloud Computing is a new paradigm stuck in a 1.0 world of sunk capital expenditures, ‘pay as you allocate’ billing, and antiquated ideas of measuring based on Total Cost of Ownership.

“IT Economics 2.0 is a new way of planning, procuring and delivering IT services across the market. It is powered by the Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC) – the industry’s first standardized unit of measurement. The kWAC empowered organization can directly compare IT service costs ‘apples to apples’ across technologies, vendors and markets, optimize internal and external Total Cost of Consumption (TCC), produce transparent IT efficiency data, and maximize buying or selling power through open marketplaces.”

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