Just in time for the annual Game Developers Conference, Epic Games in Cary has unveiled a new video that touts the cutting-edge capabilities of its latest Unreal game engine.

“Whether you’re building a mobile app, a console game, or a high-frame rate VR experience, Unreal Engine 4 gives you the power to stand out,” Epic declares.

Unreal already is one of the world’s most popular game development programs. And the latest version’s capabilities are featured in snips from a variety of new titles.

Gaming website TwinFinite calls the video a “Sizzle Reel.”

“The video shows off plenty of video games that have been released or are to be released such as Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, Street Fighter V, Gears of War 4, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake,” notes TwinFinite.

“Rocket League is also shown off, the game making news recently fo rbeing chosen by Xbox for cross-network gaming. It also showed off some smaller titles such as Mighty No. 9 and Flames in the Flood, both of which were fundraised through Kickstarter.”

Adds The Escapist:

“Nothing like a good tech demo sizzle reel for the Unreal Engine 4 to get the blood flowing for GDC 2016.”

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Unreal Engine Sizzle Reel Released for GDC 2016