Reveal Mobile, a Raleigh-based firm focused on helping clients maximize advertising results through mobile location-based services, has launched a digital map that plots the location of Bluetooth “beacons” through which clients offers goods and services.

The interactive map also can be used to find beacons by business name.

Using proprietary technology, Reveal’s software can detect beacons anywhere around the world. Beacons can track customer behaviors.

Reveal CEO Brian Handly says there will be even more interest in beacons by retailers in 2016. He believes the map will help drive up awareness and utilization of beacon services.

“When you visually see the amount of beacons deployed, it’s eye opening, even though we’re only reporting on a subset of the overall market. It’s not possible for anyone to detect and classify every beacon,” he says..

“Putting the dots on a map makes a bigger statement, and helps educate the market on how quickly beacon adoption occurred.”

After what he calls a “year of experimentation with beacons,” Handly believes retailers are ready to cash in.

“Retailers plan to invest heavily in beacons in 2016 with a two-tiered strategy,” he says.”They will continue building out real-time, location-based marketing tactics to drive user engagement.”

Reveal says the map includes locations detected by its technology which “detects, places, and classifies publicly broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy signals that match Apple’s iBeacon or Google’s Eddystone protocol.”

More than 1.7 million beacon signals have already been detected.

Reveal, which is a spin-off of WRAL TechWire parent Capitol Broadcasting, includes Sinclair Broadcast Group, WSI – The Professional Services Division of The Weather Company, E.W. Scripps, Capitol Broadcasting Company, DoApp, and Baron Weather as customers.

See the map at: