It’s Black Friday, and the odds are higher than ever that you will be using your charge cards to make purchases on mobile devices. No prediction. Fact. So says Scot Wingo, founder and executive chair of Morrisville-based ecommerce firm ChannelAdvisor.

Wingo, a prolific blogger, reports in great detail every year about the latest trends in ecommerce. But he relies on hard data – almost real-time, not predictions. Analysts have said there will be a big jump in mobile purchases this year.

Wingo’s already got proof as he reported earlier this week ahead of Black Friday as well as what he calls the “Cyber Five” Thanksgiving holiday shopping spree.

“Most significant was the up-tick in conversion rate (CR) on desktop and tablet,” Wingo noted.

“This is an indication that shoppers are getting into holiday shopping mode, at least from their desktop and tablet devices.”

Tablet traffic from online shoppers surged 13 percent.

But phone shopping climbed even more at 23 percent.

Not to be left out are desk-bound shoppers whose perusing soared 52 percent.

Best news for e-tailers, however, came from orders and conversions to sales.

Table orders jumped 13 percent.

Phone orders climbed 23 percent.

And desktop orders increased a whopping 67 percent.

The bottom line: Conversions. Yes, more people are closing the deal via ecommerce.

Table CR rates were up 1.4 percent.

Phone CR climbed 2.6.

And desktop surged 4.2 percent.

Check out Scot’s blog at for updates over the weekend.

He’s got the numbers.