We’re heading over to the Internet Summit this afternoon to fill our brains with digital knowledge. And as has become typical for the two-day event that attracts around 2,000 people from throughout the Southeast annually, there are five or more things going on at any given time, making the event a bit difficult to navigate.

We all want to make the most of that time out of the office—sitting in a boring panel discussion or a too-technical talk is out of the question.

So below, check out some highlights for startup founders and entrepreneurs from me, a journalist, along with a quick guide to what our digital marketing guy, Eric Weireter, will be checking out. Journalists tend to be interested in the higher level, contextual stuff. And marketers want real tactics to try out. We hope to give you a mix of both.

The conference kicks off after lunch today, with keynote speakers bookending the day and parties ending it. We’ll briefly overview the keynotes, as they can give higher level context to break out sessions throughout the two days.

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