Google is working to bring the experience of participating in the #UnitedWeMarch Veteran’s Day Parade to veterans across the country that are unable to travel to New York City for today’s event.

During the parade, Google will leverage technologies like YouTube 360 and Google Cardboard to record and document the parade as a participant would view it. On Friday, November 13, from 1-3 pm, Google staff and community volunteers will gather at the VA Medical Center at 508 Fulton Street in Durham, to enable veterans to experience the parade from the perspective of someone marching on the ground in New York City.

“We’re very excited about working with Google to bring this virtual reality experience to Veterans in our medical centers across the country,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald. “This is just one example of how VA is working with more strategic partners to improve the Veterans experience and how VA is utilizing innovative technologies to improve our services. We’re committed to making VA a world-class health care provider that puts the Veteran at the center of everything we do. Our partnership with Google underscores that commitment.” is the division that initiated this project, as a component of their Google Impact Challenge: Veterans initiative. This group will be partnering with YouTube 360 and Google Cardboard to host events in VA centers throughout the country. Over the weekend, Google Cardboard delivered 1.3 million cardboard devices to subscribers of the New York Times. The project is a low-fidelity prototype and again has folks excited about the prospect of virtual reality. Google

“As the veterans community continues its transition to a new generation of advocate leaders, we’re very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with to provide the virtual experience of marching for those who can’t join us in New York in person,” said Dan McSweeney, Incoming President of the United War Veterans Council, producers of America’s Parade. “Using Google’s innovative technology is a great way for veterans and their families and supporters to see for themselves the great appreciation that our country feels for their ongoing service and sacrifice. As we make exciting strides and establish new partnerships with world-class organizations like Google, our shared commitment to supporting veterans is unwavering.”

Google is an official sponsor of the #UnitedWeMarch Veteran’s Day Parade.