In a post published earlier today, ExitEvent highlights 11 veteran-owned startups across North Carolina that everyone ought to put on their radar.

The profiled companies are:

  • SoloPro (Durham), which recently announced $1.6 million in funding
  • Spiffy (Raleigh), a mobile carwashing and detailing service that expanded to Charlotte earlier this year
  • Tiger Eye Sensor (Clayton), an Internet of Things company that has designed a wearable bracelet to prevent sexual abuse
  • ProctorFree (Charlotte), which verifies students taking online exams
  • VersaMe (Charlotte), which offers a device that clips onto children’s clothing and counts the number of words spoken to the child by the parent
  • Tellurvision Studios (Research Triangle Park), an unscripted reality television creator
  • Horizon Performance (Cary), a predictive-analysis company leveraging technology to increase peak performance for athletes and soldiers
  • inKind (Research Triangle Park), which lets nonprofits get items or help they need most
  • Toof-inger Brush (Research Triangle Park), a better, healthier, more ergonomic toothbursh
  • ​Arrow Barbering (Raleigh & Durham), a chain of barbershops
  • Medlio (Durham), which offers an app that gives customers answers about healthcare and health insurance coverage.​

Read the full descriptions and view company videos on ExitEvent.