Raleigh-based Betaversity has emailed its clients inviting theem to participate in its BetaBox pilot episode for a SyFy reality show.

The reality show about invention on college campuses appears to be in very early stages. SyFy has recommitted itself to providing fare more appealing to its core audience, including tech shows relevant to scifi fans.

The Triangle Business Journal reports that the company CEO, Sean Maroni declined to offer many details this early, but did note the producers saw the firm in a Popular Mechanics magazine feature.

Betaversity’s BetaBox is a mobile prototyping laboratory with a 3D printing cappbility.

A recent article by our partners at Exit Event noted that Betaversity shared aggressive growth plans for BetaBox and its accompanying portfolio project software, so this appears to be an addition to the company’s portfolio of products. On stage, (at the CED’s Tech Venture event this year) Maroni shared that he’s got $250,000 in revenue committed for BetaBox and a $400,000 run rate over the next 12 months.

Maroni introduced the company’s new Dorsal software, aimed at matching job seekers and companys with a compatible culture. He’s got a team of six working on Dorsal at HQ Raleigh. His lead investor is an active local angel named Bill Spruill.

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For the Triangle Business Journal story see: http://tinyurl.com/o8fpu3w