Market and text at the same time and across all platforms, devices? You bet, says Cary-based Research Triangle Software.

Serial entrepreneur Jeff LeRose and his Research Triangle Software (aka RTSZ) team are testing a new app that adds corporate logos or individual photos to text messages as well as email on iPhones. The app addresses what LeRose sees as a growing need to personalize and promote through texts with Apple’s recently announced IBM partnership seen as a decision that will drive more Apple device use across enterprise networks.

Plus, LeRose points out, people respond faster to texts than emails – so why waste time and miss out on an immediate business opportunity if a user or company can send emails as well as texts at the same time via an app.

Thus was born the concept for UVUEME, which is now available for review at Apple’s App Store. It’s the eighth already developed by RTSZ, which focused intially on encryption then in 2004 acquired a Triangle startup called Full Seven and its LetterMark email branding technology.

A custom template is available to dress up those boring texts.

By the way, the Apple team that must review and approve all apps before they are sold at the App store, told RSTZ it’s the first such app they have seen.

Yet “sigs” have been around a long time, so The Skinny asked: Why do you think no one had developed this before?

“No idea,” LeRose responds. “It seems like a logical extension.

“Maybe because we are really into signature files for email with our LetterMark product. Also there are some issues making sure it works for everyone who receives an email or text. Whether they have an Apple, Blackberry, Android, Windows or other type of phone. Images show up different. We make them all work.”

Asked why RTSZ chose to invest the money – and time (five months to develop and get Apple approval, or “too long,” LeRose says) – he responds about as quickly as a text message.

“We saw that over 70% of emails were being reviewed on mobile devices, that Apple was becoming the Blackberry replacement at large businesses especially after the IBM deal with Apple, that text was becoming more common for everyone, that an email is answered on the average in hours while a text is answered in minutes,” LeRose explains.

“So a signature file with a photo or logo was needed that could be used for both text and email from an iPhone.”

In his own words: Try out UVUEME

In an email, LeRose talks about the new app and asks people to give it a test drive:

It allows you create a signature file with a photo or logo that can be used for any email or text that you send. We have been told by some Apple experts that it is the first App to allow the same signature file with an image or photo to be used for both text and email.

The base product is free with an In-App purchase for $1.99 to put in a Custom Template.

The In-App Custom Template comes with a free one month trial.

It can be canceled up to 24 hours before the free month is over.

Since this is Version 1.0 it would be very helpful if you could try the UVUEME and download it from the Apple App Store.
We need as much feed back as possible so we can improve the product prior to a marketing push. It’s all free for the first month, then you can cancel.

If you have an Apple product, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Email LeRose:

Responding to a need

Building off the LetterMark technology, which also is available as “LetterMark go mobile” at the App store, RTSZ developed the app that came to be known as UVUME – you view me, get it?

“We first made it available via LetterMark (LetterMark go mobile on the App store) but then we saw the people wanted an easy way to add their own logos and photos to their email and texts on their iPhones,” LeRose says.

But LeRose didn’t jump into the development waters of expense and development too quickly.

“We did extensive interviews with all types of people using a prototype, and they all gave positive reviews,” he says.

So for a few dollars, corporations can add some marketing.

“Small companies can add their logo very inexpensively,” LeRose notes.

By the way, none of the original LetterMark team remains at RTSZ, but LeRose says “I talk once in a while to Barret Joyner, John Ramsey and Ken Arnerson.”

LeRose also remains an active angel investor and is always looking for new ideas.

But for the time being at least he’s touting UVUEME.

“Have you tested it yet,” he asks The Skinny.

(FYI, RSTZ also still offers its encryption product, CryptoLock, and the company continues app development with eight now available. See or visit the RSTZ website.)