A new report on where clean energy jobs are being created across the United States shows more than 10,000 were created in the second quarter across 22 states.

Of those jobs, 700 were added in North Carolina, ranking the state fifth.

North Carolina clean energy employers added more jobs even as the state’s General Assembly mulls whether to extend tax credits for renewable energy as well as whether to extend requirements for minimal requirements to produce renewables-based energy by utilities operating in the state.

The nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs reports that the total number of new jobs is slightly higher than in the first quarter of the year.

Texas led the way with 2,160 jobs, most of which were linked to solar and wind projects.

Nevada followed at No. 2 with 1,900.

The rest of the top 10:

  • California (1,200 jobs)
  • Utah (800)
  • North Carolina (700)
  • Kansas (462)
  • Arkansas (420)
  • Colorado (400)
  • Virginia (400)
  • Nebraska (365)

“States across the country are realizing that clean energy doesn’t just mean clean air and water – it also means good-paying jobs,” said Bob Keefe, E2’s executive director, in a statement. “The sun doesn’t just shine on Texas, and California doesn’t have a monopoly on energy efficiency. With the federal Clean Power Plan as a road map, there’s no reason every state in America shouldn’t be adding more clean energy – and the jobs that come with it.”
Jobs are focused in renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart transportation sectors.

Earlier this year, the NC Sustainable Energy Association reported there were some 23,000 clean energy related jobs in the state, and companies were producing nearly $5 billion in economic impact.

Nationally, the breakdown on jobs by field in the second quarter were:

  • Renewable Energy, 8,826, 31 projects announced
  • Biofuel 193, 2 projects announced
  • Generation (Solar) 6,450, 20 projects announced
  • Generation (Wind) 2,183, 9 projects announced
  • Manufacturing 1,075, 5 projects announced
  • Advanced Vehicles 450, 2 projects announced
  • Solar 25, 1 project announced
  • Wind 600, 2 projects announced
  • Other 570, 2 projects announced
  • Smart Grid/Transmission 70,1 project announced
  • Recycling 500, 1 project announced

TOTAL: 10,471 jobs, 38 projects announced

The full report is available at: