On Tuesday, Silicon Valley-based IXL, an education technology company already with global reach for its products and services, disclosed the opening of its first East Coast office, picking Raleigh. The company also is hiring with nine jobs available and more to come. Why come to Raleigh?

An IXL exec explains for our Insiders in an exclusive Q&A.

Talking with WTW is Jennifer Gu, executive vice president of the company.

Why pick Raleigh for expansion?

Given our rapid growth, IXL has wanted to open an East Coast office for a number of years, and Raleigh is the ideal location because of the city’s proximity to acclaimed research institutions and its flourishing tech industry. We feel strongly that this new office location will allow us to recruit the high-quality content creators and engineering team we are looking for to solidify and expand our East Coast presence.

Will there be R&D and product development work done here?

Yes, we are currently looking to fill positions in engineering and curriculum design in the Raleigh office.

Does Silicon Valley remain the primary office?

Silicon Valley does remain our primary office. We are excited to expand to North Carolina in order to recruit top talent in the area and also serve our East Coast users better.

How many employees already here?

There are currently 11 IXL employees in Raleigh, and that number is quickly growing.

How many open positions are there in Raleigh and in what areas?

As you can see on our careers page (https://www.ixl.com/company/jobs), we have 9 open positions in Raleigh, mainly in engineering and curriculum design.

Does IXL plan to further grow the Raleigh office even as these jobs are filled? If so, why?

Yes. We are growing rapidly as a company and expect more openings in our Raleigh office after the initial positions are filled.

How is IXL financed, who are the investors, and is the company profitable?

IXL is a private company and therefore we do not comment on revenue or profits.

What sets IXL technology apart from other ed tech tool suites?

What sets IXL apart from other ed tech products is our high-quality, engaging content. Our team of PhDs, teachers and technologists carefully conceptualize and develop the best ways to present every question and help students learn effectively. Our math and English language arts content, which spans more than 4,500 skills, makes us one of the most comprehensive ed tech tools available. IXL is also one of the most engaging and rewarding for students–through our interactive question types and rewards given throughout the learning process, students develop their curiosity and build the confidence to succeed.  And our numbers confirm that; 1 out of every 10 US schoolchildren uses IXL.

Who is head of Raleigh operation, and what is the person’s title?

The Raleigh office currently has senior leaders in human resources and sales who manage the Raleigh office. As more positions are filled, the management team will grow as well.

How many employees does IXL have overall?

Overall, IXL has more than 200 employees.