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American Underground’s big Durham expansion news topped our list last month, and readers liked the growth stories of startups Smart Metals Recycling, Pack Purchase and Big Spoon Roasters. Scot Wingo’s two additions to his Guide to the Triangle Startup Ecosystem were popular reads. And a story about the Wilmington startup community beginning to organize in its historic downtown was a hit.

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Once North Carolina’s tallest building is being converted into a fourth startup campus for American Underground, along with an office for fast-growing Windsor Circle, a flagship retail store for Runaway Clothing and a community BeatMaking Lab for Durham’s youth. It’s all part of an AU plan to get 500 startups in downtown Durham over the next two years.

They were sophomores at Duke University when this pair of entrepreneurs started a campus e-waste recycling program. Within a year, they’d partnered with and received investment from a Charlotte-area company to open an electronics recycling facility there, and they’re fast becoming an icon in their still young industry with plans to open a West Coast operation soon. 
This story’s comments included “Sheats for President” and “Lewis was my boy,” helping to explain the local popularity of a man that has dedicated his career to building up the next generation of entrepreneurs. This story details his new Entrepreneurship Clinic and research he’s conducting about the local startup community, as well as his own startup journey as a young college graduate.
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If you’ve ever wondered the difference between an incubator, accelerator and coworking space, ChannelAdvisor founder and chairman Scot Wingo has you covered. In his latest update to his guide to the Triangle startup ecosystem, he lists all the various startup spaces in the Triangle community with some inside knowledge about each.
This Raleigh startup is Uberizing home maintenance with a sleek looking platform that makes it easy to book yard work, pest control or routine HVAC service with a few clicks of a mouse. Some fancy analytics and technology on the back end even prices services based on the size and layout of a particular yard and house. Local investors took the bait, putting $1 million into the company this summer.
A Durham filmmaker spent time with the team behind Timeful, a recent Google acquisition, to document the creation of a startup based on time, psychology and problem-solving as well as the passion of a growing team. Here’s a carrot—Duke professor and world-renowned author Dan Ariely is a Timeful co-founder.
With Next Glass and CloudWyze moving to downtown Wilmington, along with a new startup event series and makerspace showroom, the coastal city may finally have a center of gravity of startup activity.
A great deal of care and craft goes into the making of 10 nut butter flavors in Durham, and sales are reflecting that attention to detail. But fast growth has led to some challenges that founder Mark Overbay is being just as careful to mitigate so the brand keeps its promise even as demand accelerates.
Just two weeks out is the annual CED Tech Venture Conference, and ChannelAdvisor chairman and founder Scot Wingo gives some compelling reasons why you might want to attend. It’s all part of a recent installment of his Guide to the Triangle Startup Ecosystem.
And our most watched video of the month was all about beer: