The stretch of the Tobacco Road separating UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University is only 11 miles. 

Even so, the students on the two campuses typically live worlds apart. The lack of cross-university classes and programs—coupled with that small rivalry you might have heard about—limit the opportunities for the students at the two universities to meet and collaborate.

The prestigious Robertson Scholars Leadership Program—established by a $24 million donation from Julian Robertson in 2000—works to bridge this gap. The scholarship provides opportunities for Carolina and Duke students to enroll in classes at both universities, live on each campus and collaborate with other students while living and working together. 

The scholarship was inspired by Mr. Robertson’s personal experience—one of his sons attended UNC-Chapel Hill and the other attended Duke. After they graduated, he realized that combining an education from both universities would foster more collaboration between the students of the two universities and better equip them for post-graduation life.

Carpe Lotion—an antiperspirant hand lotion and startup by the same name developed by a pair of Robertson scholars—is likely the type of collaboration Mr. Robertson envisioned when he developed the scholarship program.

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