A bill regulating ride sharing services such as Uber has cleared the General Assembly and is now headed to Gov. McCrory’s desk.

In a final vote Thursday morning, the House passed the measure 105-2.

On Wednesday, the House voted 112-2 Wednesday to tentatively approve a bill that would regulate ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. The measure, SB 541, would impose insurance requirements and a single statewide fee on the services, but exempts the companies from most local regulations.

Uber’s top executive for North Carolina welcomed passage of the legislation. The company has steadily grown its service across the state and says it has thousands of drivers.

“Today’s vote is a huge win for riders and drivers in North Carolina, and confirms that the General Assembly overwhelmingly stands for innovation and greater choice and opportunity,” said Arathi Mehrotra, Uber’s North Carolina general manager, in a statement.

“We’re excited to see the bill make its way to the Governor and look forward to his signature establishing a permanent home here for safe, reliable ridesharing.

“We thank bill sponsors Sen. Bill Rabon, Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr., Rep. Bill Brawley and all parties involved for confirming that North Carolina stands for greater competition and choice.”

Uber has supported the bill for months.

Officials with Uber said in July that the company already complies with those provisions and asked that the bill move forward. The measure would also ensure that the company’s drivers could operate at airports and would not face a patchwork of city and county regulations across the state.

“It would codify into law for the entire industry many of the safety standards that have attracted both riders and drivers to (transportation network companies),” Mehrotra said.