Cliff Bleszinski’s first game apart from Epic: It’s ‘LawBreakers.’ Here’s the video trailer just published on Wednesday: “The Shattering changed everything — forever. Witness the worldwide premiere trailer of LawBreakers, the highly-anticipated debut FPS from Cliff Bleszinski & Boss Key Productions.”

“The Shattering” referred to promotion and hype Bleszinki’s Raleigh-based studio launched in recent days to promote the disclosure of the new title and a preview of characters, themes, etc. through the video.

Early fan reaction on the game forum was positive:

“One of the most entertaining twitch streams ive been in a while, cant wait for Friday”

​”Can’t wait to see some actual gameplay”

​”Looks amazing! Can not wait for more info!”

Previews of gameplay are set for Friday.

“LawBreakers” is described as a free first-person-shooter focusing on “gangs, guns and gravity,” according to The Verge which quoted Bleszinski.

As the name implies, law enforcement takes on criminals.

Bleszinski, the creative force who helped make Cary-based Epic, has promised fireworks.

He tweeted earlier this week:

“I *told* you to #BraceYourself … Register now: Trust me, folks – buckle up. I am so excited right now. 🙂 🙂 :)”

So tweeted the world-famous Cliffy B. on Sunday.

“No one is ever prepared when ‘it’ happens. Time to #BraceYourself”

​Particulars about the game were still closely held before Wednesday, but the first in a series of announcements was made Monday.

And here it is: A 30-second video ( But little else.

In fact, some immediate fan reaction was downright negative.

“Next time you do a reveal, reveal something, not another date which is another reveal for another date with only a few seconds of random footage. Fail”

“…Many of us have no trouble waiting months or even years for a quality product. When they have something to show I will look at it, if it takes them time I a can wait. No hurry. All is good. In the meantime I don’t want to see this kind of thing where the “big reveal” is actually just a date for the next “big reveal”. That is asinine and not particularly good advertising.”

The game has been code-named “BlueStreak,” and it’s for PCs.

“No, not the Martin Lawrence movie,” Bleszinski, who left Epic in the fall of 2012, tweeted recently. “Game is PC first, then we’ll see about other platforms.”

Is “The Shattering” the title?


Rohan Rivas, who is the Boss Key’s Community Manager, emerged in recent days with some info at The Shattering forums.

“No reason to be all ‘incognito’ anymore,” he wrote.

“Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride — we’re happy to have you on board. For everyone who has been a part since the beginning (where are my newsletter people? You know who you are!), watched every Boss Room on Twitch and viewed our hi-jinx from afar on Twitter…we’re glad to have you hear and there’s a lot in store.

“Over the next few days, there’s going to be a lot of ‘information’ revealed about The Shattering and we want YOU to weigh in, react, participate and help us build a community from scratch.”

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