Lea(R)n, an educational startup based in Raleigh, is announcing today that it has landed $800,000 in funding from a group of investors. Among the funders are AT&T, Kaplan, TechStars as well as angels and the Inception Micro Angel Fund in Research Triangle Park.

The seed round of funding provides Lea(R)n capital to further develop its LearnTrials online resource for educators which enables them to evaluate educational tools.

“Every year schools and districts spend millions on products that don’t move the needle for students,” said Brad Kessler, former head of procurement for Chicago Public Schools and advisor to Lea(R)n, in announcing the funding. “Lea(R)n is the right team and the right solution to solve this massive problem.”

Edtech angel investors Gregg Burt, of California and Walt Winshall and Jean Hammond of Boston, participated in the funding along with Edovate Capital.

“The technology works, the team is smart, and the rapid early traction speaks for itself,” said Graham Forman, education technology veteran and managing director of Edovate Capital. “This was the right move for us to invest in Lea(R)n to help accelerate the positive impact for teachers and their school districts.”

Lea(r)n received an NC IDEA grant in 2014.

The company also recently announced a partnership with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction and works with a variety of schools as well as thousands of educators across the country.