Ben Weinberger’s story is like that of many entrepreneurs—he started building websites in college and eventually landed on a compelling product worthy of investors’ attention.

It’s different in that the product transformed the way TV watchers search for shows and movies to watch, it drew the attention of DVR creator TiVo and eventually earned a $135 million acquisition offer from the company. And just over a year after the TiVo deal closed, Weinberger joined one of the most intriguing and innovative young companies in the television industry, SlingTV, as its first chief product officer.
As he prepared to move his family from Durham to Denver earlier this month, Weinberger agreed to sit down and talk about his entrepreneurial journey, providing lessons learned on team and culture building, fundraising and evaluating exit strategies all while revealing the things he’s most excited for at SlingTV and the message he’ll be spreading about the Triangle in his new hometown.
Enjoy our latest Founders Series with Digitalsmiths co-founder and SlingTV chief product officer Ben Weinberger: