Lea(R)n, a Triangle startup focused on education, is one of emerging companies that make up the first “class” for the new AT&T Aspire Accelerator in San Francisco.

Lea(R)n executives are in San Francisco where the announcement of the first class is being made today. The startup received an NC IDEA grant in 2014.

The Aspire Accelerator’s six-month program includes:

•    A $50,000 investment in each for profit entity or a $50,000 donation to each nonprofit, and another $25,000 to cover costs associated with the program for each organization.

• Access to AT&T and external mentors, including education and technology leaders on the program’s Board of Advisors.

• Opportunity to be part of the broader AT&T Aspire initiative, which is driving innovation in education on a national scale.

The program also includes a six-month mentorship program. The startups are not required to relocate as part of the program.

The Aspire Accelerator has a “home base” in theRunway Incubator in downtown San Francisco.

Each of the four startups were selected for their goals of helping “students succeed and to strengthen schools and communities.” The program is focused on “societal impact rather than monetary return,” AT&T said.

Summaries about the four:

  • eduCanon – Washington, DC – a platform (web & iOS) that lets teachers create and share interactive video lessons;
  • GradGuru – San Francisco, CA – a nonprofit software service and mobile iOS and Android app that guides and motivates community college students by using customized nudges to take actions and engage in behaviors proven to help them graduate faster;
  • Lea(R)n – Raleigh, NC. – an education innovation firm providing a research-backed, online platform & services for educators and their organizations to know and manage the technologies that are best for their classrooms;
  • MindBlown Labs – Oakland, CA – an ed-tech social enterprise that creates highly-engaging mobile games to empower teens and young adults with financial capability skills; and,
  • Quill – Brooklyn, NY – A nonprofit literacy tool that builds students’ grammar skills through personalized writing and proofreading activities.