Lenovo is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its IBM PC business sale this week across the Triangle. The company once known as Legend when launched in China has turned that deal into the world’s No. 1 PC manufacturer. But reports also show that Lenovo can celebrate growth in two other markets: Tablets and smartphones.

The latest data on tablets comes from research firm IDC, which shows that Lenovo grew sales by a whopping 23 percent in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same quarter a year ago. And Lenovo, with hot-sellers like its convertible tablet/PC Yogas, is increasing sales even as overall tablet sales decline.

Further, Lenovo is aiming to drive sales even higher with a new tablet to be sold at Walmart, Lenovo told Bloomberg news in a story Thursday.

Then there are smartphone sales.

The latest data from research firm Gartner shows Lenovo as increasing sales – due in part to its deal for Motorola Mobility from Google, which closed last fall.

Lenovo is a solid No. 3 in that market behind Samsung and Apple.

But being No. 1 in PCs is not enough for Lenovo Chair and CEO Yang Yuanqing. At the company’s recent fiscal year kickoff before several thousand employees at PNC Arena in Raleigh, Yang said he is determined to make Lenovo No. 1 eventually across all Internet-connected devices.

That includes servers, a business that is based near Lenovo’s corporate executive headquarters and was strengthened a year ago through the buying of IBM’s server business.

Tablet update

IDC praised Lenovo in its tablet report, noting:

“Lenovo is one of the few tablet vendors that continues to grow in a declining market. The company’s wide range of products – including plenty of low-cost offerings – are proving popular in a growing number of regions and it is a brand that performs well in the adjacent PC and smartphone markets.”

Read more at: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS25593415

Smartphone update

IDC added further praise for Lenovo in its smartphone report:

“Lenovo is once again in the top three, proving that its Motorola acquisition is paying off nicely.

“Lenovo has strategically positioned both brands and the coinciding models in the proper markets to maximize brand awareness and global reach. Lenovo also unveiled new premium-built handsets at CES with the P90, Vibe X2 pro, and Vibe Shot proving that it is not just focused on the low-end.”

Read more at: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS25589215

The bottom line

Lenovo next financial report, coming up in May, is expected by analysts to be a strong one as all Yang’s deals seem to be delivering positive results.

But if anyone won’t be surprised, it’s the man known as YY.

As he told Lenovo employees multiple times at the 2014 kickoff just after the IBM server and Google Motorola Mobility deals were announced, seemingly tying the company’s futures to two struggling businesses:

“Don’t doubt me.”

He said it defiantly.

And so far, he’s right – just as he was 10 years ago in believing that IBM PCs had a future – something IBM’s head at the time, Sam Palmisano,did not.