Looking for a career change? Want to be recruited, told why you should want to work somewhere?

Then “Tech Jobs Under the Big Top” is for you.

IBM and a growing list of other technology firms in the Triangle will be pitching themselves as a place to work to potential employees during the so-called reverse job fair next Tuesday. Organizer Chris Heivly (co-founder of The Startup Factory tech startup accelerator in Durham) is expecting a record crowd – perhaps 500 or more – at a new venue – a real tent this time. (The Big Top website also lists more than 460 openings right now.)

He’s not worried that the event is the same day as the “Rise of the Rest” tour from Steve Case is hitting the Triangle that day.

He is moving to a new venue in the Park and has a real “big top” this time with no space limits.

And IBM is on the employee list for the first time.

The Skinny caught up with the ever-busy Heivly for a quick Q&A late Wednesday.

  • Going against Rise of rest tour is unfortunate; are you still expecting a big crowd? Why? Biggest event to date?

Yes still expecting the biggest crowd to date.

1,we are not space constrained as we will be under a tent.

2, the Rise tour really ends around 5pm.

  • What are employers telling you about trends in the market – People with right skills hard to find? Any particular skills really needed?

Employers are struggling to find great candidates and need to find new ways to recruit. Big Top offers them a very unique strategy.

Software Developers are still the hardest to find but online marketers are also an emerging problem area.

  • Who are the companies participating?

AdWerx, Adroit Digital, Automated Insights, Bandwidth, Bronto, IBM, Pointsource, Sageworks, Transloc, Windsor Circle, Two Toasters, Validic and a few others that are considering at the last minute.

  • How many jobs are available?

The number changes daily but typically around 150 or so

  • In what areas?

In order: Software Development, Sales, Marketing, Design, Customer Support, Finance, Executives, etc.

So we seek to provide a mix of companies for our attendees. There are companies with less than 25 employees and those that have more than 5,000 (IBM for the first time). Thus they are recruiting from 2 to over a hundred open positions.

  • How many job seekers have registered to attend? Is registration closed? If not when?

People HAVE TO register to get in though you can register at the event with a smartphone. We accept no walk-ins. Because we are under a tent at the RTP, we do not have to cap registration like we used to when hosted at Bay 7.

We have over 300 registered to date and I see no reason that we won’t hit 500 or more.

Note to job seekers: You can register online.